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Jacksonville Bulls - The bulls are definitely a great example of what the USFL meant to the community. The bulls led the way in their intensive season and were again crowned one of the leaders in 1985, the crowd of about 73,227 came out to cheer their team back in March 4, 1984. Coach Lindy trainer the players in to top shape to compete despite the lack of name talent.

The 1984 squad led by Robbie Mahfouz and Matt Robinson who led the team to win a variety of games and to come home with plenty of trophies and metals. The addition to the team Keith Millard, who later became an NFL defensive player of the year, and the  emergence of linebacker Vaughan Johnson were two big causes of Jacksonville's defensive turnaround. In the year of 1984, the bulls had came within a hair of beating the New Jersey Generals in front of a raucus crowd of about 73,277 at the Gator Bowl, but Danny Miller's last second field goal attempt sailed just wide in a mare 28-26 loss.

Jacksonville Bulls are going to be heading to the Super bowl in 2008 where they'll be going against some of the legends in football today.  The bulls is a strong team that works together to get the job done, they support each other in team work and that's why there won so many games in the past few year of the team.


Jacksonville University - Jacksonville University has educated student for the future, they have some of the best programs to give you a jump start on your career with over 2500 programs and degree they'll get you on the right track of a life. Just imagine seeing your self work for a big time company or even having you own business and see you success grow to an unbelievable height. Some of the world's big time scientist and engineers came from Jacksonville university before they became big in technology.

Located in where else but Jacksonville, Florida it offers in the field experience so you will know what you're up against when you study for your job opportunity. With a balanced approach to coeducational higher education, JU offers the best attributes of the liberal arts and sciences tradition and professional studies.

The University prides itself on diversity. There are plenty of students that go to Jacksonville University are from Florida and the southeastern and northeastern United States. They represent 45 states, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and 50 foreign countries.

Jacksonville Navy Base - The Naval Air Station in Jacksonville is a multi-mission base hosting more than 100 tenant commands. The Navy Base has some the world most amazing planes ever built like the P-3,C-12,C-9 aircraft, and SH-60F helicopter, NAS Jacksonville is also the largest aviation squadron and the only Orion fleet replacement squadron that prepared and trains U.S. and foreign pilots, air crew and maintenance personnel for further operational assignments.

The men and women of NAS are active citizens in their neighborhood serving their community action committees and boards. They are committed to their churches, scout leaders and as members and leaders of other civic and social organizations. The people of the base love their job and how they go about protecting the people that live in this country to make sure that they are safe and well protected they do that so we don't have to.

Jacksonville does host 6 to 8 deployments each year from CNATRA naval aviation training units. These deployments use the facilities of NAS Jacksonville and also those of the former NAS Cecil.