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 daytona beachWhatever happens over in Daytona; don't take that info home. Ha-ha, you like that? Just made it up, anyway Daytona Beach is an extremely cool place to visit. It's just too much to do there, you'll have so much fun! As a matter of fact, stop reading this and get your plane ticket! Tell em Duane Edwards from Billy Boys sent you.   Look at that picture to the left side, picture your little figure down on the beach with some sexy mamacietas everywhere you turn. Yeeaaaah, that's what I'm talking about!

But there's so much more to do in Daytona than go the beaches. There's the night clubs; and those things get crazy!! Go check out the Baja Beach Club. Something to do when the sun goes down and the real party begins( wink wink)! Or Whisker's Eatery and Beer House, if it sounds interesting to you, you'd like it!

Daytona International Speed Way is a really nice spot to go if your a gear head or you just like factory speed.  It's really cool to just watch the cars go over 160 miles per hour. Watch with some pop corn and a soda and just relax!

If you look at the chart above you see the lowest average low is in January and it's only forty-five degrees. In some states forty-five degrees is the high during January, this means Daytona weather is very pleasing and very comfortable. Weather in Florida is just gorgeous for the most part, but there's those days. Nobody knows your luck; or bad luck but you. If you come to Daytona thinking I don't need a rental car, then you get rained out on the bus stop, it's on you. But, if you decide to rent a car during your stay, which would be very intelligent then rent with rental car momma. There's plenty of cars to rent depending on your style and rental car momma has rental locations in many cities in Florida and most of the airports here. So whether your your going to Daytona( which you just have to do) or Orlando( which isn't a stupid decision either). Rental car momma are partners with many car rental companies, that's why we're able to give you such good rates. With free unlimited mileage!!


See getting a rental car can get you many places. Like for example to those Daytona Golf Courses. There's plenty upon plenty golf courses to choose from.

The LPGA international is located in  Daytona. That's how you know golf is no game over in Daytona!

Yes, there is plenty to do in Daytona, but I recommend you get a rental car to take stress of the waiting for cab and bus thing Florida has going on down here!