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Fairfax Gallery
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Dolphin Depot
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Sushi Rock Cafe



Fort Myers is one of Florida's unknown and underestimated cities! Yet, they have many places to go and see, so don't be shy! While your in Fort Myer's, check out there Edison Mall and Bell Tower Shops. These places are cool spots to hang out and spend a little money. Not too much though, we're in a recession guys!!

Fort Myers Historical Museum is a very Classical place to visit. Go browse the museums early settlers and many more exhibits while your there.

Water Parks are also available in Fort Myers as well as Nature Walks. Fort Myers( just like every other place in Florida) has beaches to go to and soak up some sun.

The food in Fort Myers is like no other in Florida, better yet  other place in the world! Only in my opinion, they have many independently owned restaurants which means great home cooked food! And secret family concoctions that'll leave your taste buds going more crazy than Gnarls Barkely's grandmother. Yea, no really though. Fort Myers is very original and is very family oriented so you and your young ones can feel safe and have plenty while your over there!

You Might Need a Rental Car because...

Fort Myers is a very weather friendly place to be, but( it's always a but isn't it) the rain can be a pain. And to have complete control and freedom during your vacation you might consider renting a car, SUV, or minivan. This means you wont be stuck beside a person who smells like wet dog on a muggy day or in  that annoying Florida storm in the summer that last for about ten minutes, goes away for ten minutes and then comes back for ten minutes! True story I was almost struck by lightning a couple of years while visiting  Florida while with my family. Next time we'll rent a car! Don't be like me, rent a car!