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Dolphin Depot
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Sushi Rock Cafe



Naples is directly in between the Everglades and the gulf of Mexico. A natural, beautifully sophisticated scene is what you will receive when you arrive in Naples.  Naples gets nowhere near as much attention in anything in Florida! To tell you the truth, I have never even heard of Naples until about 6 months ago! But, in reality there is lots to do in Naples. Starting with...

CSSThe Naples Museum of Art, is exactly what it's name implies! A museum in Naples is a alright place to go with the kids if the family enjoys poetry with touch( as I like to call it).

Also check out the popular Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, with 11,000 acres of wetland and many different varieties of animal's you'll be occupied for a very long time. The Sanctuary has received nothing but good reviews from all our nature lovers out there!  

There is feet upon yards upon miles of these little paths in CSS!

Naples is also very fund of golf, they have plenty of real golf courses including Tiburon Golf Club and LaPlaya Golf Course( which is semi-new).

Naples Pier

A no miss when it comes to visiting Naples. You just have to visit this pier.  You can fish, without a license! People go swimming there. Or you could just chill out! Very fun place to be!

It's a Necessity to Rent a Car!!

car Renting a car is pretty crucial when visiting Naples, because it's just like St. Cloud Florida. Everything is spread so far apart. Which means no bus', and not many taxi cabs. Make a very good decision and go rent a car from rental car when visiting Naples. You'll save yourself a headache!