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Stuart Florida, very underestimated place to visit. Sure there's things to do in Stuart! I mean come on, with a name like Stuart it just has to be interesting, unlike Orlando. ( Who wants to be called Orlando, uhm? So what they got Orlando Bloom, he's nothing! We've got... ... um, Stuart Little!! Yea, yea, Stuart Little!! Beat that Orlando).

Enough of the sarcasm, Stuart Florida is not the smartest place to visit in Florida! I can't even come up with something to do in Stuart to draw tourist attention over there, and I refuse to lie. So whenever you decide to visit Stuart Florida YOU BETTER GET A RENTAL CAR!!! No Tourist, understand the importance of what I'm telling you right now. RENT A CAR, do not go to Stuart and expect to get far without some means of transportation! Rent Something...

even this...

 though I'd prefer the 1st or 2nd car, even the 3rd choice is better than not renting any car at all! HA-HA.

WHY, you Ask?

This is the reason it is so important to rent a vehicle when visiting Stuart.

If you do not fish, or enjoy going fishing, there is absolutely nothing to do in Stuart Florida. I mean literally! But...look at the map below!

Stuart is not that far away from Miami or Orlando! You'd be looking at about an hour drive to both locations. That's not at all that bad a trip seeing that there is not much to do in Stuart. Renting a car would be intelligent because you then have freedom to go to the more popular city, like Orlando!

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