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Dolphin Depot
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Sushi Rock Cafe



Busch Gardens is the park to go to when you visit Tampa Florida. It is a theme park the I personally would place up there with the Disney parks when it comes to activity and architecture! It is one of the center forces of Tampa's tourist success.

Tampa though even without Busch is a very interesting place to spend time! Go there and expect to have plenty fun! There's also Adventure Island, a water park in Tampa which is the water place to go in Tampa Florida on a hot day!

 Tampa Cigars

Tampa is also like a head honcho for cigars. There is a ton of factories that produce cigars over in Tampa. I mean TONS, I was surprised when I learned of this information! I thought that's what Cuba was good for, but whatever! So whenever you visit Tampa, get your Tony Montana on and take one for the boys at home!

The Lowry Park Zoo is also a pretty neat place to visit! It's had so so reviews but I believe it's a pretty nice zoo! Zoo, is clean and animals are healthy looking and entertaining!

Go represent tbuccaneershose Tampa Bay Bucs while your enjoying the Tampa area! Tickets aren't that bad of a price to see a NFL game and it is a great day to spend with your football loving family!


         Renting a Car...


Renting a car in the Tampa area wouldn't be a bad idea. Seeing as though your about fifty minutes away from Orlando's parks and much more, a rental car could open up a lot of other fun filled options for you and your family! 

Cars start as low as thirty-nine dollars a day( something like a Chevy Aveo) so don't be shy to rent because you think the price is to high!