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Like every other place in Florida, Clearwater is known for it's beaches! There is so much to do in Clearwater, why you visit Clearwater go check out there Marine Aquarium! It's full of hundred's of different water species to take a glance at. Also try, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, which is about twenty miles away from Clearwater; which is not that far at all!

That's not it, there are plenty museums and parks to visit while you are there, but I only have so much space for each section so... moving on!clearwater zoo animals

Do you enjoy looking at fine arts, you know! Pictures and figures that make you think. Well why not visit the Fine Art Gallery: by Scott Menaul or the Dunedin Fine Art Center both located centrally in Clearwater Florida! Nice places to go out if your in the mood to enjoy some really educational activities!


I personally  I love Clearwater because it's so much more cultural than other places in Florida. I mean natural wise, there's so many more parks to visit and many museums to teach your kids and so much more! Clearwater is just full of nature and excitement, just  visit and find out!

Shopping and Entertainment...

BayWalk Shopping and Entertainment Complex, is a great place to just chill and spend a little money. If your going to Clearwater just gotta blow some dough. Also the generically named Clearwater mall, where there almost famous for having great deals and sales.

Rent a Car, now... No Really, Right Now! GET UP AND CALL NOW!!

Chevrolet Aveo, one of the least expensive cars you can rent; at an all exclusive rate at  dollars a night on most days! It is economical with 32 miles per gallon and safe for the children( as in crash rating). Or go big bad ford and get yourself a real nice mustang. There's plenty of options when renting vehicles for vacations, and you'll need one visiting Clearwater Florida! Especially with a decent size group. If necessary you can rent "group vans"( as I like to call them). Seating of up to 16 persons are available. Perfect for those baseball teams wanting to visit Clearwater for a week out for winning the local tournament.

Especially for the Amusement Parks

 Adventure Island is close enough to Clearwater to be called... a Clearwater attraction! Adventure Island is a outdoor water park directly across the street form Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. It's about 25 miles from Clearwater so it isn't that far( just far enough for a rental car).

Busch Gardens is also a very great Amusement Park to visit! If your going anywhere near Tampa, you just have to visit this park! Since your right at Clearwater you might as well just knock out this really fun theme park while your in the area! These are just two of the parks near Clearwater Florida!

Clearwater Sum Up

Pretty much there's plenty to do in Clearwater Florida! But one downfall for those who don't want to rent a car is... it's smart to rent a car! Sorry to those, but it only makes since! At least we can give you really good prices on those rentals so feel better! We're here to help you, and Clearwater wants you to enjoy all it offers! HAVE FUN and RENT A CAR!