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Fort Lauderdale is a very chilling place to... well, chill! Beaches are just the beginning of all the fun and happiness you will experience at your stay Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale beach is( in my opinion) one of (if not the best) one of the best beaches in the great Florida! I say this because it's not too polluted with tourist (which will soon change due to me putting this information online (sorry fellas), is clean and is the spot to hang if you like the outdoors ( beach like environment) without the crowded uncomfortable people to ruin your Fort Lauderdale stay.

Night Life is always Fun...

   Fort Lauderdale has many upon many of cool night clubs to check out during your stay. Some of these clubs include Blue Martini Lounge, The Village Pump and Tarpon Bend. These are some very cool night clubs to "hit up" when you and your homies or girlfriends are club hopping!

International Swimming Hall of Fame, located in Fort Lauderdale is a nice museum( sort of) to check out if your fascinated by the sport( Michael Phelps fans) or you just like to swim.  Go check out the hotels and Resorts while your in Fort Lauderdale!

Places to Cat Nap, and more! Ya Digg??

The Blue Lagoon Resort is conveniently on the Galt Ocean Mile. Only a few steps away from Fort Lauderdale Beach! Also Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Suites, again directly across the street from the beach is a great place to stay the nights. It comes with free wireless internet connection and HBO, you cant beat that! Another great one is Lauderdale by the sea Resort and Beach Club, just seven easy miles from downtown Fort Lauderdale and AGAIN, directly across the street from the beach!!

Rent a Car? Yea, Go On and Rent One!!

This, my friend is the brand new Infiniti G37! This car has 330 pure horsepower!... yup... unfortunately its not available to rent yet, so why not go with the 113 horsepower Chevrolet Aveo. Ha-ha, at a dazzling 0-60 time in about 14 seconds you'll be going no where very quickly. Excuse my sarcasm, but you can rent a economy friendly Aveo for about 39 dollars a day here in Florida!

And if your in Fort Lauderdale you'll need a rental car, things aren't the boondocks, but you will not being going anywhere far without a motor vehicle. So rent one from rental car momma, you will be very please with the prices you get!

But we promise whenever Chevrolet makes a Chevrolet Aveo Se-R( as to your right) stock with 330 horsepower so you can zip your way through Fort Lauderdale, we WILL have it available! Trust and Believe.

Duane Edwards; signing out