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custom 3000gtKey West Florida is a really cool place to just hang out; I mean you can't beat the Florida sun, the woman, the night life, the hotels and the custom cars you see everywhere in and around the city. I mean who doesn't like the movie series Fast and Furious? Unfortunately you cant rent this 3000gt while you stay over in Key West, but you can rent some other real nice vehicles which we'll get into later!

Key West is almost known for it's famous board walks; unfortunately for board walk owners, beaches continue to be the main tourist attraction in Florida no matter what the city! Any who, the Board walks are very fun, with many stores to visit and amusement while your there during the high seasons.boardwalk

Plenty Reason to Rent a Car

Chevy ridin' high, go ahead and rent that Monte Carlo as you visit the Key West extravaganza! Come on, you know you have to pull up to that Famous Key West sports bar; just you and your best friends from like Elementary School and just kick it while watching the super bowl on a huge plasma TV. Beer and girls tops flying everywhere! Yea... good times! And the night all starts with that brand new( well to a certain extent) Monte Carlo, still with that new car smell. You hop out the Carlo; the guys give you a  thumbs up and the ladies you you wink and a smile as you approach the entrance of the Bar. What happens the rest of the night is totally and completely up to you! You could get a black eye or get some digits, 100 percent up to you. But what got you to the options and life changing decisions is your rental car.

The highs( as far as weather) in Key West Florida never drops below 75 degrees( information obtained from data collected by Key West Airport)!

BUT, there's not many places in Florida that get under 48 inches of rain yearly! As a matter of fact, most places in Florida get over 60 inches of rain yearly, Key West being one of them. Especially during the summer time, which ( if you look at it in a weather perspective) is like 7 months out of 12 in a year. That's more than half the year in crazy random Florida rain! I'm not saying this is such a bad thing, because for the most part Florida weather is awesome( besides hurricane season) but wouldn't you rather be in a car during this rain than on a bus stop? ...Me too?! So rent, rent, RENT!!!

Hotels in the KEYS

For the Keys to be such a small little connection to Florida, it has a great amount of very nice hotels.  Historic Key West Inn is one of the most fantastic places to stay during your stay in Key West. Also while your Key West Florida check out the Southernmost hotel collection. They're up there with the best located hotels being right on the beach front in my book! If you like the downtown back drop than check out the Crowne Plaza la Conche! It's right in the midst of all the Key West action.

Overall, Key West is a very small, but exciting place to visit! So give it a chance. And while your down there go rent a car from us, the guys that are on your side!