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Fairfax Gallery
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Dolphin Depot
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Sushi Rock Cafe



Ahh, Kissimmee Florida! Very cool place to visit! With so many attractions and fun filled family oriented things to do, it's vary hard NOT to come to Kissimmee! There's Fun Spot, Old Town and more of the "smaller" amusement parks. There's Medieval times, Arabian Night's and Pirate's Dinner Adventure. Very fun dinner show attractions for the whole family or just you and your date! Have a blast on the various mini golf courses located conveniently on world famous highway 1-92. Kissimmee is also home to 60,900 residents. For a city with so many attractions that's not a lot of people; which is a great thing. That's less traffic  for you when your trying to get to where you want/need to be!

Here's a picture of a Ferris wheel in Old Town in Kissimmee Florida. Old Town is the home of an amusement park for the whole family, as ADMISSION IS FREE! Let's say you wanted to treat your kids out for the day! Well pay for the rides for them, and you can enjoy watching them have fun, free of charge( why have to pay money just to be with your children)



Why Not Get A Rental Car???

Okay, Kissimmee is very convenient; but there is a limit to everything! Everyone should know that Florida can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, waiting on the public transportation bus stop in this hot, humid weather is not something you really want to do! So, why not rent a car? You can rent yourself a nice minivan for the family. Or go topless with a mustang convertible? Or do it grown man status style and go with the 300c!This is (depending on your situation) the best option for  transportation. Understand, if your not much of a people person and enjoy your own space you are not going to want to be on a public transportation bus( or any bus for that matter). It will be very crowded the high seasons which are unfortunately the hottest seasons (May-August). They have very friendly representatives who are very capable of making you rental car reservations in most city airports in Florida( i.e Thrifty at Orlando International Airport) and to make you feel as secure as everyone wishes they feel, you don't even give credit card information!! You pay when you arrive, the representative will kindly ask for your name, email address, pick-up and drop-off date and you'll be on your happy little way! No way you can beat that, right?


"What Happens in Kissimmee Stays in Kissimmee"

Universal CityWalk... just "gotta" love it. Club after club and bar after bar! Dance, drink, club and so so much more! Yes, this is correct. Are you a party animal? Do you love to laugh? How bout have fun? You too? Well, lets go to CityWalk! There's everything you need over there. They have a movie theater that serves beer! Come on now, IT SERVES BEER!

Other than CityWalk, there's Old Town. On Friday's and Saturday's they have a car show! For the classic car lover's and the import tuner fans out there! Also, for those gentlemen, there's a LOT of girls who go out to represent there tuned tricked out car and to just represent there "click"! So, there's plenty of numbers to get and plenty of opportunity to set yourself up a date!


You can't go about the future if you don't recognize and appreciate the past!

Starting as Allendale, it's name was changes to Kissimmee and officially named as a city in 1883. Its growth should be applauded to Hamilton Disston from Philly, who based his two-million acre drainage operation out of the unknown town. Disston signed a contract to drain southern Florida , in exchange of half of the successfully drained land. This contract made Disston the largest single landowner in the United States.

One problem early Kissimmee faced was expanding railroads. It troubled the steamships for carrying freight and passengers. By 1885, the South Florida Railroad extended its tracks to Tampa. The Panic of 1893 was the worst depression the U.S. had experienced, destroying land speculation and unsound debt. Hamilton Disston ended the contract. Back to back freezes in 1894 and 1895 wiped out the citrus industry. The freezes, combined with South Florida's growth and the relocation of steamship operations to Lake Okeechobee, left Kissimmee dependent on cattle raising! Very stressful situation for the Kissimmee residents during that time, as farming was the only way for surviving, which was slowly being annihilated.

Stars in the Sunshine State...

A.J Mclean( former backstreet boy singer) has a home in Orlando Florida, minutes away from the up and coming Kissimmee!

Brent Fullwood is a former American football player. He was born in Kissimmee and even went to the very close Saint Cloud High school!