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Dolphin Depot
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Miami; everyone's heard about Miami! You know those people who are from Dade County and forever talk about it. How "hood" it was, as so much fun! Always something to do, and they're mad because to they moved to such a boring place from such an amazing place to live. Yeah, it's actually true. Miami is THE SPOT TO BE, seriously!! You like to party and live life to the fullest. Visit Miami, it's like the New York of the South. Speaking of things that are south, check out South Beach in Miami. South Beach could easily win top ten beaches in the world. Not because of the spectacular view or the beautiful waves that the wind gently blows in shore every three minutes, but because the attention it gets from tourists to celebrities it is a very popular beach!  The water in the Miami's South Beach is just like clean pool water. You could see a shark miles away, which is always a good thing.

Along with nature, there's the Miami MetroZoo. It is quickly becoming the best Zoo in the Nation partly because Florida's beautiful weather allows the Zoo to stock on animals that other Zoos can not because of there not so great climate. Also, you can visit the Seaquarium, a range of sea creatures live there and is a very cool place to take the kids or go on a nice little date. Price isn't awful either, for half a day worth of something to do. Lets talk about the Everglades.

The Everglades are acres stretched out over Miami, that harness' many different species, that is also( kind of awkwardly) a park! Yes, you can walk through the swamplands, as a matter of fact many people camp there. If your interested in camping out in just pure nature, the Everglades is exactly were you want to end up. Do you see that sunset? That is natural Everglade beauty!

The Vizcaya is a very great place to tour as well, if your the type of person who enjoys floor plans and beauty in the making.


Everyone knows MIAMI gets down, I mean down! No, no, no, I MEAN DOWWWNN!! Do you understand me? When you go to a Miami bar, the only reason why you aren't on the dance floor is because you have no legs to stand on. Or you have a torso problem! Even if you are missing an arm, you will get dragged on the dance floor! I am dead serious right now. Unless you have no talking skills at all, and scare away every girly you see, you WILL get a dance in. Not one of those parties you go to and everyone's leaning on the wall!

Rent A Car, PLEASE??

While your in Miami, rolling up to South Beach in a rented car is not a bad idea. The bus is all good and fine, but a rental car gives you ultimate freedom. Go on, pull up to the beach and watch all eyes on you as you pull up in that new Dodge Charger, which isn't available to rent. How about that Ford Mustang Convertible! Ha, sorry Dodge fans, economy's too rough right now. Rental Car Momma can give you an excellent price on car rentals. Nice cars that won't break the bank. So why not, go on and enjoy yourself, to the fullest and rent a car when visiting Miami and the Miami area!