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Fairfax Gallery
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Dolphin Depot
Marker 32
Sushi Rock Cafe



Tallahassee, the home town of  Faheem Rasheed Najm also known as  TPAIN!

Tallahassee is known for a lot more than just the home town of T Pain, there's plenty fun in Tallahassee Florida. It just doesn't get as much recognition as Orlando! But there's plenty to do...


 A new museum, Our Body: The Universe within! An exciting new museum showing every part of the human body! That's fun and educational and a good place to send the kids-KEYWORDS: send. Ha-ha, sorry. There's also a antique car museum with over one hundred classic cars, including the rare... The Plymouth Prowler

This is along with plenty other museums; but Tallahassee isn't just for museums, the night life is cool as well! The Beta Bar, made top 5 best nightlife places to visit on!

Rent a whip!?!?

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, you just gotta rent a whip( or a car for those who don't speak slang; you un cool people). Just kidding! But anyway, come on; you just have to look cool pulling up to that night club, or even to that museum! Why wait on the bus stop or for a cab, when you car rent a nice, comfortable car starting at 39 dollars a day! Can you beat that? NO! There's plenty of places to go in Tallahassee Florida, you might as well drive around the city at your own pace. You understand, no? Well, let me explain furthermore using a Tallahassee beach scenario!

 ...Now Introducing, the Tallahassee Beach Scenario!

Keaton Beach, nice... relaxing your scalp as the cool breeze runs through your hair while you look to your left because your peripheral vision caught some sexy ladies playing volleyball in bikinis! "yeah" , you say to yourself, but really meant to just think; but you just blow it off because your a typical guy! Now, picture yourself stepping off the bus as you see these woman. The most beautiful woman sees you looking and smiles. But wait, it's not one of the "he's fine" smiles, it's one of those "look at this jit" smiles. You walk up to her and say, "hey ma, what's good with you and me and the movies tonight" as you think to yourself( yo son, I got this in the bag). She looks at you with such a glare you immediately fall in love with it! Then she tells you slowly," Are we gonna go in the bus, if so screw you"(LOL) That sucks!

Now picture yourself stepping out that brand new Chrysler 300c( rented of course, but she don't have to no that). She smiles at you with a extra complementary wave followed by a wink! You get back in the car and cruise control your way up to her and her little girlfriends! Rev the engine a lil to tease and say," hey ma, what's good with you and me and the movies tonight". She automatically hops in the passenger sit, and you enjoy the rest of the day and night with the pretty young thang! ... ... yup, ahhh, I like the second scenario a lot better than the first, don't you? You do don't you? I know, so why not rent a whip! You know you just have to rent that Mustang convertible or that nasty fresh 300! Don't miss out, get a rental car as soon as you get to Tallahassee!

Mustang Convertible300c