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Dolphin Depot
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Sushi Rock Cafe



West Palm Beach, listen to the name just slip off your tongue! West...Palm...Beach, yes! Excuse me for that, but you must visit West Palm Beach! Any city with a name with beach in it can only mean excitement. Even Downtown Palm Beach cant escape the tremendous amounts of water( as pictured to your right). There is plenty to do to keep you busy, I don't care how long your stay is! You'll forever keep finding more and more things to do! AND ENJOY IT!!

Shopping is always fun, well as long as you have the money. No one likes a window shopper, especially managers, store owners and 50-cent. City Place is a excellent place to shop with great scenery and over 50 well known retail stores, it's hard not to have a good time and find a place that you like. This is also a great place to go on a date , maybe spend a little money on your boo! ... Maybe not! Whatever...

West Palm Beach also offers a Water Park. It's name is Rapids Water Park and it's a decent park to go to, definitely during the summer. Entry is only about 32 dollars per person (not ridiculous) and it'll be worth the money. A good way to spend 32 bucks during 90 degree weather.

...Every kid loves the fresh (or maybe not so fresh) Zoo smell. You know what smell I'm talking about, that outdoor natural, animal butt, pet food smell. Well that's exactly what you will be smelling at the Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park. It is a ok place to spend 3 hours with the family. A little on the small side, but it'll do!

This is Peanut Island, created by/for John F Kennedy! The also known as name for this island is "One Big Playground"! They changed this from a bunker to playground. You can snorkel, there's plenty of small beaches, bbq grills and lots more. The picture looks pretty bland =, but in actuality this is a  very unique experience and a very fun place to visit.

Rental Car?

Though you don't need a rental car to get to Peanut Island (because there is no road that leads there) you need a rental car to get to the water taxi to get you to Peanut Island. Renting a car in West Palm Beach is not a necessary as other places in Florida (like Orlando) you can still rent one to shave some time of off travel time in  your own motor vehicle. You'll need nothing big, but if necessary you can rent a Dodge Caravan or similar to get your family to one side of the Island to the other. It's not a bad idea, just think about your situation and go to rental car momma!